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Common Herbs


Following is a short review of a few herbs that are more common than others as herbal remedies.
Won't it be more exciting if you could grow your own herbs.

Note: In every country there are different restrictions on which plants you may grow due to agricultural quarantine laws. Some plant may be illegal to grow in some countries.
The best place to ask is your local plant nursery where you usually purchase plants.

Herbs that you can grow


Calendula - a plant Another name for it and may be more popular is Pot Marigold. This is an edible annual flower and is considered by many gardening experts as one of the most versatile flowers to grow in a garden, especially since it is easy to grow from seeds in a sunny spot.
You can add the flower to salads or cooked foods.
When dried, they can be used in teas or gargles for sore throats or inflammations in the mouth.
As infused oils, they can be used for minor skin injuries and irritations.



Camomile plantThe flower looks like a daisy and come in two varieties: A German chamomile and a Roman chamomile.
Chamomile has been used for stomach upset, intestinal cramps, minor illness (e.g., colds) and menstrual cramps.
It also has a relaxing effect and known helps put young children to sleep.
The German one is the one that is usually used in herbal medicines.
The Roman type is usually used for tea.
Both flowers prefer full sun to partial shade and well drained soil.
It is easier to purchase the plants than grow them from seeds.


Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm plantThis plant have a lot of hidden talents - mild sedative, attracting bees, remedy for herpes and many more.
This is a bushy plant that looks more like a weed and has large lemon scented leaves.
This herb is a very long tradition of medicinal use. Research has shown that it does contain antiviral compounds.


Peppermint Mint

Peppermint plant

This is one of the most common ingredients in herb tea. It can be used fresh or dried, it can be
When growing it, you should contain it in a pot or in a confined garden bed to prevent it spreading out of control.



Sage plantThis common culinary herb has many home health care applications and is easily preserved by drying bundled sprigs.
It prefers a well drained moderately rich soil and full sunlight.
Sage tea can be used as gargle for sore throats, mouth ulcers & gingivitis and also has high mineral content.
It also appears often in formulas for PMS.


Herbs from the wild

When picking herbs from the wild you must be aware if a plant is on the endangered list and it is may be illegal to pick them.
There are other few safety rules you should follow before harvesting wild herbs:




Dandelion plantThe Dandelions young spring leaves are often used in salads as a herbal Diuretic .
The compounds in the leaves act in different way than the pharmaceutical equivalent drugs and medicines; by restoring the loss of potassium due to the increased urination.
The roots of the plant can be used to make coffee substitute after they are roasted.
To make sure you have the right plant, check for the white milky sap in the central vain of the leaves. You can always wait for the distinctive flower to shoot but by then the taste of the leaves may be too bitter.




Mullein plant

This common weed grows its soft, furry leaves in a rosette pattern during its first year and on the second year it sends up a tall yellow flowering spike.
The leaves and flowers are used to treat different types of respiratory irritations including coughs and asthma. Tea is usually made from the dried leaves.







Plantain plantThis is also a common lawn weed that is a handy first aid herb used for minor skin irritations, stings and insect bites.
Plantain tends to thrive almost anywhere.
Instead of getting rid of the weed, leave some for a time when it will be handy.




St Johns Wort

St John's wort This plant can be used to treat mild depression but you will have to buy a standardized extract for accurate dosage intake.
You can prepare infused oil from the fresh plant and apply it to abrasions, minor burns, cuts and ear infection.
This plant can be found in shaded cool woods.
Collect the flowering tops when they are in bloom.
You can easily grow them in your backyard from seeds.



Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle plantThe leaves of this plant have fine hair that does sting.
Wear long sleeves, trousers and gloves when collecting them.
The drying process will take the sting out of it and after this process they can be used in tea.
This herb can be used for anemia, prostate enlargement (benign) or as a mild diuretic. The herb is also used for allergies such as hay fever.